Adult Hearing

Hearing Loss in Adults

Causes and Signs

The impact of hearing loss varies from person to person. It greatly depends on the degree and configuration of hearing loss. However, hearing loss would, at least to certain extent, results in distorted or incomplete communication which leads to greater isolation and withdrawal. In turn the individual's life space and social life becomes restricted. While for those who are still in the workforce, uncorrected hearing loss has a negative impact on overall job effectiveness, opportunity for promotion and perhaps lifelong earning power.

Hearing loss in adults has many causes such as middle ear infection, head injury, tumors, viral infection in the inner ear and over-exposure to noise.

Sudden cause


Middle Ear Infection


Head Injury


Eardrums are ruptured by foreign objects


Viral infection in the inner

Prolonged Cause


Over-exposure to noise


Occupational Deafness

Hearing Assessment

for Adults

The Audiological Department is formed by a professional team whose duties include locating the site of lesion, assessing and monitoring the status of client's auditory system, tinnitus counselling, audiology counselling such as information provision and support, making recommendations and referrals and assisting clients to develop appropriate strategies to enhance communication.

We provide the following hearing assessment services for adults:

Hearing Assessment


Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

PTA is a behavioural test used to establish the hearing threshold, the softest sound that can be perceived in a controlled environment.



Tympanometry records changes in middle ear immittance with varying air pressure in the ear canal. It is a test used to detect disorders of the middle ear.


Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

ABR is generated from auditory nerve, subsequent fibre tracts and nuclei within the auditory brainstem pathways. Sounds are introduced through the earphones to the patients’ ear, and a few electrodes are attached to the patient to record the response.


Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)

ASSR are brain response elicited by continuous steady-state modulated tonal acoustic stimuli. It is an objective frequency-specific hearing assessment which can be used to obtain detailed hearing sensitivity and auditory status in difficult to test patients.

Hearing aid



1st appointment:A hearing assessment will be done by our Audiologist. Based on the reports and client lifestyle, audiologists will prescribe the most appropriate hearing aids. Only the deposit needs to be paid for the order.



2nd appointment:1 week after, hearing aids have been made and set up by audiologist. Client can bring it back home for testing the real life performance.



3rd appointment:1 week after, only the balance need to be paid if confirm purchase. Otherwise, we will refund the deposit.