FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Release date:2018/10/26
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• One minute Simultaneous measurement of up to 5 polar plots (default)

• Individual frequency polar plots of gain or SPL vs angular position

• Display up to 5 polar plots at one time

• Computer capture of measurement data

• Polar plot resolutions of 30, 15, or 5 degrees. (15 degree default)

• Signals- Pure tone or composite (default/ANSI weighting)

• Test Signal can be continuous or on only during angular measurement. (continuous default)

• Difference Curves: 0 degrees response minus response at chosen angle

• MACRO type program mode for set up of automatic test sequences

• Quick change of test aids with clutch system

• Internal chamber LED lamp to aid visibility

• Integrated Probe Recording System, Convenient Recording of 3rd Party Voices

• Lid lift spring assisted

• Lid Latch and clamp with one simple vertical operation.

• Computer control of polar functions

• Internal chamber LED lamp to aid visibility

• Clip in testing surface provided for "normal" testing