Phonak Platinum Club

Phonak Platinum Club


  • Phonak Platinum Membership Club Member

  • 50% discount on purchasing hearing aids batteries

  • 50% discount on Hearing test services

  • 50% discount on earmould making

  • 20% discount on purchasing Phonak hearing aids

  • 20% discount on purchasing hearing aid accessories

  • Free Hearing Aid Repair Services
    (any failure resulting from misuse & accident are not included)

  • Free Hearing Aid Check Services

  • Emergency Hearing Aid Repair & Free Hearing Aid Loan Services
    (For BTE hearing aid only)

  • Free Earmould Repair Services

  • Free Advisory Services and hearing awareness information

  • Priority and free entrance to seminars organized by Phonak

  • Clients referral privilege

  • Free Phonak Membership Newsletter, Latest Products New, etc.

  • Apply Platinum Membership now. Any enquire please call or visit our Phonak Centres.